The Focus on Energy project is developing resources and supports for teaching and learning about energy in grades 3-5.

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Introduction to Focus on Energy

This video introduces the Focus on Energy project. It was recognized as a Presenters' Choice video in the NSF 2016 Video Showcase.

Using the Energy Tracking Lens in the Elementary Classroom

This video shows students representing and reasoning about energy forms and flows. It was featured in the NSF 2017 Video Showcase.

The Energy Tracking Lens

Focus on Energy resources provide a framework for reasoning about and representing energy across science curricula and in everyday life. We call this framework "The Energy Tracking Lens".

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Featured Resource
Video Montage - Energy in Everyday Life

This video shows various forms of energy (energy of motion; heat energy; sound energy) as well as energy transfer (e.g. from the bowling ball to the pins).

Featured Resource
Video Case - Using Energy Cubes to Reason About Energy Forms and Flows

In this video, a group of fourth grade students analyzes the energy flow when a solar panel is used to power an electric motor that spins a propeller.