Partner Teacher Participation Information

A colleague in your district will be using Focus on Energy resources. A project goal is to compare energy ideas of students who use our resources with students who do not. We are asking you to gather student assessment data when you teach your existing energy-related curriculum.

During the school-year, partner teachers will:

  • Collect signed consent forms from your students and their families.
  • Attend a 1.5-hour meeting in the Fall, at your school to learn about the Focus on Energy research project.
  • Administer web-based pre- and post-assessments. In the Spring, you’ll receive the findings from the assessment.

Compensation: For your participation, you will receive:

  • $140 for your class’ participation;
  • All Focus on Energy web-based resources;
  • An optional 1-day implementation workshop introducing the Focus on Energy Motion Energy unit and kit with classroom materials for the unit.

pdf file iconDownload the Partner Teacher Participation Information Sheet