2017 Pilot Teacher Participation Information

During the summer, pilot teachers will:

  • Attend a 30-hour workshop July 10-14, 2017 at Tufts University. (See Focus on Energy Summer Workshop for more details). Note: We will give priority to groups (2 or more) of teachers from the same school district.

During the school-year, pilot teachers will:

  • Collect signed consent forms from your students and their families.
  • Teach the introductory Motion Energy unit (5 sessions) by Dec. 8, 2017 and teach the Thermal Energy (3 sessions) and Electrical Energy (4 sessions) units by Feb. 16, 2018.
  • Use a pre- and post-test to gather student assessment data.
  • Collect and forward samples of student work.
  • Attend three Saturday morning “reunions” on December 9, 2017, January 27, 2018 and March 3, 2108.

A project staff member may observe and, with permission, record and photograph classroom sessions.

Honorarium: You will receive $1,450 for participating as a Focus on Energy Pilot Teacher. You will also receive a kit with all of the materials you need to implement Focus on Energy activities in your classroom.

pdf file iconDownload the Pilot Teacher Participation Information Sheet